Eren İnci



Eren Inci’s joint work with Kevin Hasker entitled “Free Parking for All in Shopping Malls” won the Kuhmo-Nectar Best Paper Award (June 2010). First to analyze the economics of shopping mall parking, the paper explains why providing parking for free and embedding the costs of parking into the price of goods sold at the mall may be socially desirable. Eren’s cooperation with Richard Arnott on the dynamics of downtown traffic and curbside parking is published in the Journal of Urban Economics (November 2010).

Recent work by Mehmet Bac and Eren Inci on the formation of firm networks and their impact on the industrial architecture, loan prices, and quality of potential entrepreneurs, “The Old-Boy Network and the Quality of Entrepreneurs,” appeared in a Special Issue of the Journal of Economics & Management Strategy (Winter 2010). The authors show that an entrepreneur network can display a smaller number of high-type entrepreneurs even though the network is neither nepotistic nor informationally disadvantaged in recruiting members.

Eren currently researches on extensions of these themes.