Erkan Duman PhD Essays on Migration Abdurrahman Aydemir 2017/1018

Tariq Sultan

PhD Essays on the Economics of Parking and Mixed Oligopoly Eren İnci 2017/1018
Emine Zeren Taşpınar PhD Essays in Applied Macroeconomics Remzi Kaygusuz 2015/2016
Zeynel Harun Alioğulları PhD Essays in Microeconomics Ahmet Alkan 2014/2015
Sadettin Haluk Çitçi PhD Essays in Applied Economic Theory
Remzi Kaygusuz & Eren İnci 2011/2012
İpek Gürsel Tapkı PhD Decision Analysis in Competitive and Cooperative Environments Özgür Kıbrıs 2009/2010
Candan Erdemli  MA Relationship between Collage Major Choice and Labor Market Outcomes in Turkey Abdurrahman Aydemir 2017/1018

Ragıp Kaan Erdemli  

MA Learning by Exporting and Heterogeneity in Post-Entry Effects  İzak Atiyas 2017/1018
Atakan Açıkgöz MA Incentive Design in Three Level Hierarchies under Moral Hazard Mehmet Baç 2017/1018

Sinem Balkuvar

MA The Quality of Immigrant Human Capital and Immigrant Labor Market Outcomes  Abdurrahman Aydemir 2017/1018

Ece Yegane

MA On Behavioral Implementation  Mehmet Barlo 2017/1018

Hossein Hosseini 

MA Business Cycle Accounting in a Small Open Economy: The Case of Turkey İnci Gümüş 2017/1018
Özge Elif Cesur  MA Firm Level Allocative Inefficiency of Labour: Evidence from Turkish Manufacturing Firms Esra Durceylan Kaygusuz 2017/1018

Coşkun Yağız Özyol 

MA Analysis of Survival among Top Industiral Firms in Turkey İzak Atiyas 2017/1018

Shiva Esghollahi 

MA Econometric Study on the Impacts of Privatization, New Enrty, and Independent Regulator on Mobile Penetration and Expansion in Developing Countiries  İzak Atiyas 2017/1018

Mahmuna Ifat

MA Domestic Energy Poverty and Willingness to Pay for Alternative Energy: The Case of Pakistan Erdal Aydın 2017/1018

Dilek Şahin

MA When does the Cumulative Offer Process Produce an Allocation? Mustafa Oğuz Afacan 2017/1018

Özde Özkaya

MA Temptation as a Result of Ambiguity  Mehmet Barlo 2017/1018
Elif Bike Ösün MA Excess Capacity in a Mixed Oligopoly Eren İnci 2016/2017
Ali Şimşek MA Preference Respecting Stable Matchings in School Choice Problems Mustafa Oğuz Afacan 2016/2017
Özlem Kına MA Optimal Capital Income Taxation Under Capital - Skill Complenetarity Hakkı Yazıcı 2016/2017
Ceren Bengü Çıbık MA The Effect of Emotional States on Decision Making: Experimental Evidence Özgür Kıbrıs 2016/2017
Oğuz Küçükbaş MA On the Choice of a Public Good for Agents with Double - Peaked Preferences Özgür Kıbrıs 2016/2017
Efe Naci Erten MA Determinants of Bank Lending during Crisis: An Amprical Analysis of Banking in Turkey İnci Gümüş 2015/2016
Ekin Çalıcı MA Limited Consideration and Aspiration Based Decion-making in Simple Allocation Problems Özgür Kıbrıs 2015/2016
Gökhan Güven MA Relationship Among Shopping Mall, Retail Stores and Customers in Suburban Malls Eren İnci 2015/2016
Mehmet Melih Değirmenci MA Power Outages and Productivity in Manufacturing Sector Esra Durceylan Kaygusuz 2015/2016
Rabia Telli MA A Search Based Analysis of Decision Making in Simple Allocation Problems  Özgür Kıbrıs 2015/2016
 Sura İmren MA Zero-determinant Strategies in Dynamic Environmental Policy  Mehmet Barlo 2015/2016
 Umutcan Salman MA  Affirmative Actions under the Boston Mechanism Mustafa Oğuz Afacan 2015/2016
 Yunus Aslan MA  Determinants of the Choice of High School Track in Turkey Abdurrahman Aydemir 2015/2016
Fatih Çakmak MA An Alternative Approach to Market Definition in the Antitrust Analysis of Hospital Mergers Eren İnci 2014/2015
Murat Oluş İnan MA Parking at and Around Shopping Malls Eren İnci 2014/2015
Osman Serdar Aydın MA The Effects of product and Process Innovations on Employment Growth: Evidence from Turkey Esra Durceylan Kaygusuz 2014/2015
Ömer Faruk Koru MA Spillovers Between Skilled and Low Skilled Labor Migration in a Multi-Regional Setting Mehmet Barlo 2014/2015
Tanju Çapacıoğlu MA The Determinants and Dynamics off Cross Border Bank Loans in Turkey Selçuk Özyurt 2014/2015
Enes Şafak MA Dynamics of Civil War under the Threat of Third- party Intervention Özgür Kıbrıs 2013/2014
Gökmen Öz MA A Model of Valet Parking Eren İnci 2013/2014
Güner Velioğlu MA A Multifaceted Relationship between Confestion and Accidents on Highways: Evidence from D-100 Highway in İstanbul Eren İnci 2013/2014
Hakkı Özdenören MA Optimal Unemployment Insurance in Turkey in the Presence of Moral Hazard and Liquidity Constraints Hakkı Yazıcı 2013/2014
Korhan Koçak MA The Effect of Social Media on Press Freedom and Government Accountability Özgür Kıbrıs 2013/2014
Merve Sarıışık MA A Three Player Network Formation Game Mehmet Barlo 2013/2014
Sadettin Bacanlı MA Research, Innovation and Labour Productivity in Turkey Esra Durceylan Kaygusuz 2013/2014
Saide Simin Mercan MA Skill Differentials between Visa Categories in the United States Abdurrahman Aydemir
Ümit Yılmaz MA Financial Development and the Magnitude of Business Cycle Volatility İnci Gümüş 2013/2014
Abdülkadir Abukan MA Ethno-Religious Wealth Distribution in the Ottoman Empire in the 18th Century: Example of Kayseri and Manisa Hülya Canbakal  Alpay Filiztekin 2012/2013
Burak Günaydın MA Türk İmalat Firmalarının Yoğunluğu, Davranışı ve Belirleyicileri İzak Atiyas 2012/2013
Ekrem Yüksel MA Firm Size, Growth and Financial Constraints: Is Turkey Special? İzak Atiyas 2012/2013
Kutay Cingiz MA Cooperative Bargaining and Coalition Formation Özgür Kıbrıs 2012/2013
Veli Şafak MA Manager & Politician Interaction İzak Atiyas 2012/2013
Yaşar Ersan MA Education Institutions and School Outcomes Immigrants: A Cross-Country Analysis Abdurrahman Aydemir 2012/2013
Aysu Okbay MA One-Memory in Multi-person Bargaining Mehmet Barlo 2011/2012
Başak Canbak MA Female labor Force Participation in Turkey: Debt in Emerging Economies: An Empirical Analysis Remzi Kaygusuz 2011/2012
Bilgen Cebir MA Exchange Rate Policy and External Debt in Emerging Economies: An Empirical Analysis İnci Gümüş 2011/2012
Erkan Duman MA Impacts of Remittances on Child Human Capital Investment, Educational Expenditure, and Living Conditions of Households: Evidence from Turkey          Abdurrahman Aydemir 2011/2012
Fulya Yüksel Ersoy MA Mode Choice and Shopping Mall Parking Eren İnci 2011/2012
Mustafa Emre Demirel MA Bargaining with Exit Threat Selçuk Özyurt 2011/2012
Abdullah Selim Oztek MA Optimal Income Taxation under Labor Interdependence Hakkı Yazıcı 2010/2011
Ayse Yeliz Kaçamak MA On the Investment Implications of Bankruptcy Laws under Sequential Investment Decisions Özgür Kıbrıs 2010/2011
Can Ürgün MA Stochastic Discounting in Repeated Games Awaiting the Almost Inevitable Mehmet Barlo 2010/2011
Dilan Okçuoğlu MA Digital Product Piracy and Competition Fırat İnceoğlu 2010/2011
M. Alparslan Tuncay MA Aggregate Effects of Social Security Reform in 2008 Remzi Kaygusuz 2010/2011
Muhammet F. Erken MA Business Cycles and Cyclical Behaviour of Trade Flows in Turkey İnci Gümüş 2010/2011
Rüştü Duran MA Compromise and Attraction Effects Özgür Kıbrıs 2010/2011
Şennur Kaya MA Firms' Investment Behavior in the Financial Crisis Era – The Turkey Case – İzak Atiyas 2010/2011
Emine Deniz MA A Study of Incentives in Three-Layer Hierarchies Mehmet Baç 2009/2010
Ercan Aslan MA Non-cooperative Games on Dynamic Claims Problems Özgür Kıbrıs 2009/2010
Jorj Terzioğlu MA Market for Ph.D.'s in Engineering and the Contribution of Foreign Ph.D.'s to Research Productivity in Turkey Abdurrahman Aydemir 2009/2010
Musab Murat Kurnaz MA An Axiomatic Analysis of Dynamic Simple Allocation Problems Özgür Kıbrıs 2009/2010
Osman Yavuz Koçaş MA Intermediate Notions of Rationality for Simple Allocation Problems
Özgür Kıbrıs 2009/2010
Özlem Köse MA Optimal Skill Distribution in Mirrlesian Taxation Hakkı Yazıcı 2009/2010
Bertan Turhan MA An Analysis of Dynamic Bankruptcy Problems Özgür Kıbrıs 2008/2009
Bilal Bağış MA Quantitative Implications of Changes in Social Security Rules: The 2008 Reform of Turkey Remzi Kaygusuz 2008/2009
Esra Alpay MA Optimal Progressivity of the Income Tax Code for Turkey Remzi Kaygusuz 2008/2009
Fırat Doğan MA Introducing Competition to a Monopoly with Motivation Spillover İzak Atiyas 2008/2009
Güler Terzi MA Which Properties of Gifts Lead Them to Be Considered as Bribe? Mehmet Baç 2008/2009
İlke Toygür MA Economic Analysis of European Union Single Market Law Cases Mehmet Baç 2008/2009
Rıfat Ozan Şentürk MA Numerical Analysis of Entrepreneurial Policy Eren İnci 2008/2009
Seher Merve Akbaş MA Should Old Technologies Be Banned: The Case of the Organic Food Market
Toker Doğanoğlu 2008/2009
Simge Şaşmaz MA Predatory Pricing in Competition Law İzak Atiyas 2008/2009
Sevgi Yüksel MA Constructing a Justice Model Based on Sen's Capability Approach Hasan Ersel 2007/2008
Hatice Elif Ture MA A Neo-classical Analysis of the 2001 Crisis in Turkey İnci Gümüş 2007/2008
Metin Nebiler MA Trust and Wealth Mehmet Baç 2007/2008
Mustafa Oğuz Afacan MA A Non-cooperation Result in a Repeated Discounted Prisoners' Dilemma with Long and Short Run Players Mehmet Barlo 2007/2008
Mustafa Koç MA The Effects of Switching Costs over the Pricing Strategies of Operators in Mobile Telecommunications Market İzak Atiyas 2007/2008
Sinan Karadayı MA The Effects of Contractual Relationships on Investment Incentives in Complementary Goods Market Toker Doğanoğlu 2007/2008
Ali Gökhan MA The Determinants of Internal Migration in Turkey Alpay Filiztekin 2007/2008
Ekin Elçin Üstün MA A Comparison of Monetary Policy Rules of Turkey İnci Gümüş 2006/2007
Özgün Atasoy MA Investor's Increased Shareholding due to Entrepreneur-manager Collusion Mehmet Barlo 2006/2007
Gülden Büdüş MA The Law of One Price in Turkey Alpay Filiztekin 2006/2007
Mahmut Kemal Özbek MA An Analysis of a Real Life Allocation Problem Özgür Kıbrıs 2006/2007
Mürüvvet İlknur Büyükboyacı MA An Experimental Test of the Welfarism Axiom Özgür Kıbrıs 2006/2007
Nuh Aygun Dalkıran MA On Continuity of Maskins Implementation Result Mehmet Barlo 2005/2006
Fahri Başar Ulusoy MA Regulation of Mobile Termination Rates İzak Atiyas 2005/2006
Eray Gümüşdere MA Theft and Losses in Turkish Electricity Sector: Emprical Analysis and Implications for Tariff Design İzak Atiyas 2004/2005