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2018 - 2019
  • Thesis / Masters' Projects Supervision
    Keskin, Hamide, The cost-effectiveness analysis of transition from BRT system to bi-articulated trolleybus system in İstanbul, İnci, Eren, 2019.
    Ödemiş, Alican, Outcomes by visa category for immigrant workers in The United States, Aydemir, Abdurrahman, 2019.
    Aytekin, Hasan Gökay, Designated school choice, Afacan, Mustafa Oğuz, 2019.
    Demir, Mehmet Tayyip, Essays in optimal taxation, Yazıcı, Hakkı, 2019.
    Sarıkaya, Furkan, Expectation heterogeneity and wealth inequality, Kaygusuz, Remzi, 2019.
    Yılmaz, Ece, Pair implementation, Barlo, Mehmet, 2019.
    Çelebi, Hande Nur, Effecient and incentive compatible community mediation, Özyurt, Selçuk, 2019.
    Çat, Olgahan, Civil conflict:Role of grievance and terrorism, Kıbrıs, Özgür, 2019.
    Demir, Nazan, Dynamics of capital structure: an empirical analysis of Turkish banking sector, Gümüş, İnci, 2019.
    Erdemli, Ragıp Kaan, Learning by exporting and heterogeneity in post-entry effects, Atiyas, İzak, 2018.
    Yegane, Ece, On behavioral implementation, Barlo, Mehmet, 2018.
    Ifat, Mahmuna, Domestic energy poverty and willingness to pay for alternative energy: the case of Pakistan, Aydın, Erdal, 2018.
    Açıkgöz, Atakan, Incentive design in three level hierarchies under moral hazard, Baç, Mehmet, 2018.
    Hosseini, Hossein, Business cycle accounting in a small open economy: the case of Turkey, Gümüş, İnci, 2018.
    Balkuvar, Sinem, The quality of immigrant human capital and immigrant labor market outcomes, Aydemir, Abdurrahman Bekir, 2018.
    Cesur, Özge Elif, Firm level allocative inefficiency of labour: evidence from Turkish manufacturing firms, Durceylan Kaygusuz, Esra, 2018.
    Erdemli, Candan, Relationship between college major choice and labor market outcomes in Turkey, Aydemir, Abdurrahman Bekir, 2018.
    Özkaya, Özde, Temptation as a result of ambiguity, Barlo, Mehmet, 2018.
    Şahin, Dilek, When does the cumulative offer process produce an allocation?, Afacan, Mustafa Oğuz, 2018.
    Eshghollahi, Shiva, Econometric study on the impacts of privatization, new entry, and independent regulator on mobile penetration and expansion in developing countries, Atiyas, İzak, 2018.
    Özyol, Coşkun Yağız, Analysis of survival among top industrial firms in Turkey, Atiyas, İzak, 2018.
    Sultan, Tariq, Essays on the Economics of Parking and Mixed Oligopoly, İnci, Eren, 2018.
    Duman, Erkan, Essays on migration, Aydemir, Abdurrahman Bekir, 2018.