Econ Seminar: Gözde Çörekçioğlu (Kadir Has University)

Gözde Çörekçioğlu from Kadir Has University will present tomorrow her paper entitled "Leadership, Social Networks and Workplace Climate Through a Gender Lens".

The seminar will be physical at FASS 2054 at 15.45 but it can also be attended at the following link 

Leadership, Social Networks and Workplace Climate Through a Gender Lens

Using uniquely detailed data from over 2000 professionals in 23 large corporations in Turkey, we investigate how female leaders shape workplace climate in the corporate world. First, we document that female leaders do not possess “male-like” characteristics but rather preserve their female qualities that help them shape social interactions and workplace climate differently from male leaders. We show that the gender of leaders has a significant impact on the structure of social networks within firms. Homophilic professional ties among male workers characterize departments with male leadership. We show that female leadership breaks male homophily and creates a less segregated workplace. In female-led departments, both males and females establish more professional links with their female colleagues. Workplace climate is healthier when workers establish professional and personal support links with their leaders, and female leaders are significantly more likely than male leaders to develop such links with their female subordinates. However, female employees paint a darker picture of the workplace climate when working under non-supportive female leaders