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Toker Doğanoğlu

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  • Article
    Doğanoğlu, Uğur Toker (2010) "Switching costs, experience goods and dynamic price competition", Quantitative Marketing and Economics, Vol.8, No.2, 167-205 (SSCI)
    Doğanoğlu, Uğur Toker and Wright, Julian (2010) "Exclusive dealing with network effects", International Journal of Industrial Organization, Vol.28, No.2, 145-154 (SSCI)
    Doğanoğlu, Toker and Hartz, Christoph and Mittnik, Stefan (2007) "Portfolio optimization when risk factors are conditionally varying and heavy tailed", Computational Economics, Vol.29, No.3-4, 333-354 (SCI)
    Doğanoğlu, Toker and Grzybowski, Lukasz (2007) "Estimating network effects in mobile telephony in Germany", Information Economics and Policy, Vol.19, No.1, 65-79 (SSCI)
    Doğanoğlu, Toker and Klapper, Daniel (2006) "Goodwill and dynamic advertising strategies", Quantitative marketing and economics, Vol.4, No.1, 5-29 (SCI)
    Doğanoğlu, Toker and Wright, Julian (2006) "Multihoming and compatibility", International Journal of Industrial Organization, Vol.24, No.1, 45-67 (SSCI)
  • Book Section / Chapter
    Atiyas, İzak and Doğanoğlu, Toker and Reichhuber, Martin, "General access payment mechanisms", Telecommunication Markets: Drivers and Impediments, Curwen, Peter and Haucap, Justus and Preissl, Brigitte (eds.), Heidelberg: Physica-Verlag Heidelberg, June 2009, 17-39
  • Working Paper / Technical Report
    Doğanoğlu, Uğur Toker and İnceoğlu, Fırat, "Licensing of a drastic innovation with product differentiation", February 2011, Sabancı University ID:SU_FASS_2010/0005
    Doğanoğlu, Uğur Toker and İnceoğlu, Fırat, "Welfare improving product bans", September 2010, Sabancı University ID:SU_FASS_2010/0006
    Doğanoğlu, Toker and Wright, Julian, "Exclusive dealing with network effects" 2006, Sabancı University ID:SU_FASS_2006/0003