Abdurrahman Aydemir

(216) 483 9344
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Faculty Member
Ph.D. (Economics), The University of Western Ontario, 2003
Fields: Labour Economics, Public Economics
M.A. (Economics), The University of Western Ontario, 1996
B.S. (Industrial Eng.), Bilkent University, 1994
Areas of Interest
Labour Economics, Applied Microeconomics, Migration, Education, Intergenerational mobility
Society of Labour Economists, Canadian Economics Association, Canadian Labour Economics Forum, European Society of Population Economics
  • Article
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  • Book Section / Chapter
    Aydemir, Abdurrahman Bekir and Kırdar, Murat, "The integration of the 1989 repatriates from Bulgaria to the Turkish labour market", Waves of Diversity: Socio-Political Implications of International Migration in Turkey, Karaçay, Ayşem Biriz and Sert, Deniz Şenol and Göker, Zeynep Gülru (eds.), Istanbul, Turkey: Isis Press 2015, 29-54
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  • Papers in Conference Proceedings
    Aydemir, Abdurrahman Bekir, "Küresel Rekabet Edilebilirlikte Beyin Göçü ve Beyin Kazanımı Konferansı ana konuşması", Günay, Emine Nur (ed.), Küresel Rekabet Edilebilirlikte Beyin Göçü ve Beyin Kazanımı, İstanbul: İstanbul Kalkınma Ajansı, May 2012
  • Working Paper / Technical Report
    Aydemir, Abdurrahman Bekir and Güven, Cahit, "The effects of primary care and maternal education on infant mortality: evidence from concurrent natural experiments of family medicine implementation and compulsory schooling reforms in Turkey", July 2015
  • Before SU Publications

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