Erdal Aydın

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Areas of Interest
Energy Economics, Real Estate Economics, Labor Economics, Microeconometrics
  • Article
    Aydın, Erdal and Brounen, Dirk (2019) "The impact of policy on residential energy consumption", Energy, Vol.169, 115-129 (SCI, SSCI)
    Aydın, Erdal and Eichholtz, Piet and Yönder, Erkan (2018) "The economics of residential solar water heaters in emerging economies: the case of Turkey", Energy Economics, Vol.75, 285-299 (SSCI)
    Aydın, Erdal and Brounen, Dirk and Kok, Nils (2018) "Information provision and energy consumption: evidence from a field experiment", Energy Economics, Vol.71, 403-410 (SSCI)
  • Working Paper / Technical Report
    Aydın, Erdal and Eicholtz, Piet and Holtermans, Rogier, "Split incentives and energy efficiency: evidence from the Dutch housing market", June 2019
    Aydın, Erdal, "An assessment of residential energy efficiency in Turkey", May 2018
    Langen, Mike and Eichholtz, Piet and Kok, Nils and Aydın, Erdal, "Getting low from getting high? the external effects of coffeeshops on house prices", April 2018
    Aydın, Erdal and Brounen, Dirk and Kok, Nils, "Information asymmetry and energy efficiency: evidence from the housing market", September 2017
  • Before SU Publications

    Aydin, E., Kok, N., & Brounen, D. (2017). Energy efficiency and household behavior: The rebound effect in the residential sector. The RAND Journal of Economics48(3), 749-782.