Yusuf Emre Akgündüz

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Labour Economics, Firm Dynamics, Applied Microeconometrics
  • Article
    Akgündüz, Yusuf Emre and Dursun-de Neef, H. Özlem and Hacihasanoğlu, Yavuz Selim and Yılmaz, Fatih (2023) "Cost of credit, mortgage demand and house prices", Journal of Banking and Finance, Vol.154 (SSCI)
    Akgündüz, Yusuf Emre and Bağır, Yusuf Kenan and Cılasun, Seyit Mümin and Kırdar, Murat Güray (2023) "Consequences of a massive refugee influx on firm performance and market structure", Journal of Development Economics, Vol.162 (SSCI)
    Akgündüz, Yusuf Emre and Hacıhasanoğlu, Yavuz Selim and Yılmaz, Fatih (2023) "Refugees and housing: evidence from the mortgage market", World Bank Economic Review, Vol.37, No.1, 147-176 (SSCI)
    Akgündüz, Yusuf Emre and Fendoğlu, Salih (2022) "Export prices, imported inputs, and domestic supply networks", IMF Economic Review, Vol.70, No.3, 383-419 (SSCI)
    Akgündüz, Yusuf Emre and Van Huizen, Thomas and Plantenga, Janneke (2021) ""Who'll take the chair?" Maternal employment effects of a Polish (pre)school reform", Empirical Economics, Vol.61, No.2, 1097-1133 (SSCI)
    Akgündüz, Yusuf Emre and Baştan, Emine Meltem and Demiroğlu, Ufuk and Tümen, Semih (2021) "Product-level estimates of exchange rate pass-through: evidence from Turkey", World Economy, Vol.44, No.7, 2203-2226 (SSCI)
    Akçiğit, Ufuk and Akgündüz, Yusuf Emre and Cilasun, Seyit Mumin and Özcan-Tok, Elif and Yılmaz, Fatih (2020) "Facts on business dynamism in Turkey", European Economic Review, Vol.128 (SSCI)
    Akgündüz, Yusuf Emre and Torun, Huzeyfe (2020) "Two and a half million Syrian refugees, tasks and capital intensity", Journal of Development Economics, Vol.145 (SSCI)
  • Before SU Publications

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