Hakkı Yazıcı

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Phone : 0216-483-9331
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Title : Faculty Member
Areas of Interest : Macroeonomics, Public Economics
Memberships : AEA, Econometric Society, TEA
Publications :
Leung, Tin Cheuk and Yazıcı, Hakkı (2018) "Optimal skill distribution under convex skill costs", Central Bank Review, Vol.18, No.1, 29-34 (ESCI)
Yazıcı, Hakkı (2017) "Intergenerational disagreements in labor supply and optimal bequest taxation", Central Bank Review, Vol.17, No.4, 127-130 (ESCI)
Pavoni, Nicola and Yazıcı, Hakkı (2017) "Intergenerational disagreement and optimal taxation of parental transfers", Review of Economic Studies, Vol.84, No.3, 1264-1305 (SSCI)
Pavoni, Nicola and Yazıcı, Hakkı (2017) "Optimal life-cycle capital taxation under self-control problems", Economic Journal, Vol.127, No.602, 1188-1216 (SSCI)
Yazıcı, Hakkı and Leung, Tin Cheuk (2017) "On optimal skill distribution in a Mirrleesian economy", Bogazici Journal, Vol.31, No.2 (NA)
Yazıcı, Hakkı (2016) "Optimal subsidization of business start-ups", Journal of Public Economic Theory, Vol.18, No.4, 589-609 (SSCI)
Slavik, Ctirad and Yazıcı, Hakkı (2014) "Machines, buildings, and optimal dynamic taxes", Journal of Monetary Economics, Vol.66, 47-61 (SSCI)
Book Section / Chapter
Yazıcı, Hakkı, "Quantitative analysis of optimal income taxation under directed technical change", Academic Studies About Communication, Business and Economics, Tüfekçi, Nezihe (ed.), Turkey: Strategic Researches Academy, March 2018
Working Paper / Technical Report
Slavik, Ctirad and Yazıcı, Hakkı, "Wage risk and the skill premium", October 2016
Slavik, Ctirad and Yazıcı, Hakkı, "Determinants of wage and earnings inequality in the United States", July 2015
Slavik, Ctirad and Yazıcı, Hakkı, "On the consequences of eliminating capital tax differentials", July 2014
SU Öncesi Yayınları:
  1. “Machines, Buildings, and Optimal Dynamic Taxes,”  Journal of Monetary Economics, 66 (September 2014) 47-61. (with Ctirad Slavik)
  2. “Optimal Subsidization of Business Start-ups,” Journal of Public Economic Theory (2016), 18 (4): 589–609. 
  3. “Optimal Life-cycle Capital Taxation under Self-Control Problems,” The Economic Journal (2017), 127 (602): 1188-1216. (with Nicola Pavoni)
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