Ekonomi Semineri: Azar Abizade (Azerbaijan Diplomatic Academy)

Sabancı Üniversitesi
Sanat ve Sosyal Bilimler Fakültesi





Incentives in Landing Slot Problems

Azar Abizade

(Azerbaijan Diplomatic Academy)


8 Kasım 2013, Cuma

14:00    SSBF 2034



Özet: In assignment problems motivated by rescheduling flights to airport landing slots, we consider airline incentives to report (i) feasible arrival times, (ii) delay costs, or (iii) cancelations. We show that any such incentive constraint restricts us to partially efficient mechanisms (like the FAA’s). We construct such mechanisms inducing truthful reports of (ii)–(iii) (unlike the FAA’s mechanism; Schummer and Vohra (2013)), and weakly so for (i). Our approach reinterprets such
assignment problems as 2-sided matching problems. While reminiscent of School Choice modeling (Abdulkadiroglu and Sönmez (2003)), our results differ since airlines consume multiple objects (slots) and this application implies different constraints.


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